Ecolomega® fish oil is analyzed and controlled according to the highest standards for marine oils and fats, to secure a safe, high quality product for consumers.

Ecolomega® fish oil is made using only hourly fresh food-grade raw materials of the highest quality, resulting in a natural fish oil with outstanding results on purity and freshness.


Ecolomega® is made using only fresh water trout, who have lived in clean inland waters in Denmark. The water is pumped up from the ground and re-circulated continuously, to protect the environment and keep the fish healthy. For the same reason, the levels of pollutants like heavy metals, PCB and dioxins are extremely low, or even not detectable.


A fish starts to decompose as soon as it is no longer alive. Using fresh raw materials, and processing them within a very short time, is the key to obtain a high quality fish oil that is not harsh, smelling and tasting bad. Freshness is measured by the oxidation parameters Peroxide Value and Anisidine Value, and calculated as the TOTOX (total oxidation) value. The oxidation parameters measured in Ecolomega® are extremely low, which means that the product is very fresh.