Ecolomega® fish oil is as fresh as it gets. As opposed to many of the standard fish oils in the market - mainly from highly processed industry crude fish oils, coming from sardines and anchovies – Ecolomega® fish oil is produced from hourly fresh Danish trout.

Having hourly fresh raw materials enables a unique gentle manufacturing process, resulting in an absolutely fresh fish oil, with no fishy reflux or aftertaste, as you might have experienced from other harsh or not so fresh fish oils.

In Ecolomega® fish oil, the natural omega fatty acid balance found in the fish, has not been changed and up-concentrated in chemical processes. As such, a broad specter of healthy omega-3, omega-6, omega-7, omega-9 and omega-11 fatty acids as well as soluble vitamins and minerals are persevered – to deliver a real natural “whole food” fish oil.


Danish trout from in-land fresh water, certified according to the strightest requirements and standards on social responsibility, sustainability and protection of the environment.

Fish transported alive from aqua culture farms (all local within 50 km range - hence low CO2 footprint) to fish filleting factory.

Fish harvested and filleted (for human consumption) within hours.

Remaining cooled rest-products (head, tale, etc.) are immediately processed to Ecolomega® fish oil, in a gentle manufacturing process.

Ecolomega® fish oil is ready for filling in bottle and capsules, within hours from harvesting the fish. Preserved in its natural form with content of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

Many standard fish oil products

Fish caught in South America (typically Peru or Chile).

Fish landed (if cooling of the fish was not possible on the vessel, this must be done when landed)

Fish processed to crude fish oil and stored in industrial tanks.

Crude oil transported to Europe / Asia  / USA for further processing (sometimes several months on the way).

Crude oil goes through various further processing for removal of the volatile oxidation products that causes the crude oil to smell and taste bad, removal of environmental pollutants and up-concentration.

Concentrated fish oil is ready for filling in bottles and capsules.